Update from Kevin

Well folks, here we are a few weeks away from the album release date! It’s all very exciting but a little confusing also, having never released an album before – you realise what a mine field it is to navigate – online distribution commisions – different entities that need setting up- lots of behind the scenes stuff – now I know why people do charity races instead! But it is an interesting learning curve – and one that should come in handy down the line for other projects…

The main developments are, we are very close with the album artwork – lots of chatter about what images to have on the cover – Jamie is being very gracious and saying he doesn’t need to be on the cover – but he will be I’m sure. Still debate about the running order of songs for the album – we better figure that out ASAP ! Also we are toying with the idea of giving away a track as a teaser in the next few weeks – not sure which one yet but I think its a great idea.

In other news, just had my kids school charity fundraiser this weekend and due to the fact that my kids school is a bit of a rock star hang out – we had as our entertainment Gwen Stefani open up with a slew of her hits accompanied by acoustic guitar, drums and bass and then Dave Grohl and the entire Foo Fighters band blew everyones faces off with an 90+ minute set of blisteringly played covers. Cannot tell you what a mind blowing moment it was for me to be 6 feet away from them as they took everyone to school on how to perform at a charity event. Honestly, they played as if they were filling Wembley stadium – the lead guitarist is so earth shatteringly good it made me think about throwing my guitars in the recycling rubbish bin. The drummer played half a song before he pulled his t shirt off and proceeded to play as if it was the last gig he would ever play – am not joking.

At the end of the gig – had a little chat with Dave (who’s kids are in kindergarten) and thanked him for giving my 10 yr old daughter an interview for the school paper. Its a cool story – my daughter has been a reporter for the paper for a while and due to my educating in the ways of rock music – has a healthy love for the Foo Fighters (along with Metallica and many others). Dave was helping dish out the hot lunches at school last week so my daughter (who is one of those cheeky kids who twists people round her finger) brazenly went right up to him and said “hey Dave, can I interview you?”, and they arranged a time the next day to meet in the school office. Sure enough he showed and during the 30 min interview, Gwen Stefanni swings by on the way to her car. “Hey Dave !” she says – “Oh , hey Gwen..” (my daughter loved telling me this story) ” what ya doin’ Dave?”, ” Well, I am doing this interview for the school paper with these two journalists .. I think you might be next!”. Not missing a beat, my daughter jumps right up and set up a time for her interview with Ms Stefanni. I believe the interview takes place this week. So it seems my daughter is destined to be a Rolling Stone journo some time very soon. needless to say Dave was gracious , funny and unbelievably generous to do it and it has made my daughters year… so thanks Dave and Gwen – you just ┬ámade a girls year and gave her a story to dine out on at least into her mid-30’s!

Also this week the “Stray Dogs” Toughmudder team had our first training session in preparation for our return to Squaw Valley. It was a great time and the newbies were suitably fazed by us veterans talking up how “painful” it all was the first time. We all blew hard about our leg cramps, our injuries and our moments of feeling like we just couldn’t carry on. A lot of it was bluster to freak the newbies out, but there was a lot of truth to it as well – It was hellish and my leg cramps were the worst I have ever had. Not stopping me doing again though..

Well thats the end of my first ever blog

Will drop in next week

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