10 Questions for… Delane

1: Tell us about yourself. 

Delane Morrison-Wallace, 38 (3 days older than Kevin but evidently had a much easier paper round). Made my living as a retro-night DJ until my second child was born (9 years ago – eek!). Still occasionally dabble behind the decks but mostly I’m a mum and Avon lady now. Been playing music for fun all my life – my Dad, Garry, played in the sessions too. Been performing with Carey and Jen Lunan (also in the sessions) for a few years now under various guises – last year we were Flute Foxes…which caused much confusion!

2: What is your weirdest quirk?

Smells rule my world. I carry room spray around in my handbag cos a funky odour will at the very least kill my mood but will often make me sick! Slightly OCD, yes.

3: How did you get involved with the Speyside Sessions?

Was I asked? It was probably just taken for granted I’d do it as Kev and I are like family and music’s what we do!

4: What is your proudest moment?

Playing Mary in the school nativity!

5: What Speyside Session tracks did you perform on?

Lead vocals on Fareweel tae Tarwathie and The Raggle Taggle Gypsy; backing vocals on numerous others.

6: What is your favourite track on the album?

Tarwathie, obviously!

7: What is your abiding memory from the sessions?

Sharing a tiny armchair with Donald, both with our autoharps, trying to play along to a song for which we only had two of the chords! The track didn’t make the cut but it didn’t matter cos we had such a laugh playing it!

8: What is your favourite album of all time?

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here…in the dark. Can’t see that ever being overtaken but I’m always open to new sounds.

9: Do you have any regrets?

[I] don’t believe in them. I definitely should have said “yes” to more opportunities when I was younger so make a point of doing as much as I can now.

10: What is the most extravagent thing you’ve ever done (or bought?)

I don’t have any possessions that cost a lot – I hate shopping! That said, the site fees for my caravan by the sea are extortionate but I need my regular fix of the Moray coast so I’ll keep paying up!

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